Ultimate Wedding Essentials for Maharashtrian Brides

Are you planning for your wedding but don’t know what essentials you must keep? Well, the wedding is the most precious day. We try to do each and every possible thing to make it so memorable, right? 

As a Maharashtrian bride, you have the opportunity to celebrate your cultural heritage and ensure that your wedding truly reflects your identity.  We created a helpful guide for a Maharashtrian bride to make their wedding day extra special and unforgettable. It has everything you need for your wedding.

Maharashtrian Bride Wedding Essentials

1. Traditional Maharashtrian Attire

Are you ready to begin planning your awesome wedding in Maharashtra? Guess what? Imagine the joy of picturing your loved ones wearing gorgeous attire. It is crucial for making your special day more significant. Remember that dressing well means respecting your culture as well as looking good. 

You can pick either the pretty Maharashtrian saree or the gorgeous Paithani saree. There is also a type of saree called the Nauvari saree. It is a special style of saree from Maharashtra and it is nine yards long. It looks so pretty. Choosing the right clothes for your wedding outfit is very important, so make sure you take your time to find the one that feels the best for you.

2. Maharashtrian Jewellery

To make your outfit look even more beautiful, you should wear traditional jewellery from Maharashtra. These items make you look pretty and are important to a culture. Here are some essential jewellery pieces to have:

  1. Nath: A Nath is a large nose ring that is typically made of gold and decorated with pearls or other precious stones. A Maharashtrian bride uses this exquisite piece of jewellery to look elegant and to give her bridal dress a touch of classic charm.
  2. Moon Bindi: As part of their traditional costume, Maharashtrian brides frequently have bindis that resemble a half-moon on their foreheads. However, not all brides choose this style of bindi; instead, some choose a grace-and-tradition-enhancing accessory that accentuates their inherent beauty on their wedding day.
  3. Ambada: Enhance your hairdo with this traditional hairpiece, which is frequently embellished with pearls, beads, or elaborate patterns. It gives your bridal ensemble a sense of sophistication.
  4. Thushi: The Thushi is a lovely necklace that you wear around your neck; it works well with sarees and is the perfect finishing touch for your bridal dress.
  5. Kolhapuri Saaj: This traditional necklace gives your bridal dress a majestic appearance while also honouring the Maharashtrian brides’ cultural background and regal elegance.
  6. Bangles: Keep in mind the distinctive green glass bracelets that are a crucial component of Maharashtrian bridal attire. You can look particularly lovely by pairing them with gold bangles to represent both tradition and fashion in your wedding clothing.

3. Mehndi/Henna Designs

To make your hands and feet look lovely, try applying beautiful mehndi designs. Mehndi designs in Maharashtrian weddings are well-known for being simple and elegant. They often have pictures of peacocks, lotus flowers, and other traditional designs. These designs are like tattoos that don’t last long and are made using henna paste. 

Mehndi designs are not just attractive, but they also hold a significant significance. The peacock is a symbol of beauty and grace, and the lotus represents purity and new beginnings. Getting these designs on your skin can bring good luck and happiness to your married life.

4. Maharashtrian Hairstyle

You can pick a traditional Maharashtrian hairstyle for your hair. You can choose to make a traditional bun and add beautiful flowers as decoration. You can also choose to do a high bun called a “Juda” and make it look beautiful by adding a string of flowers. These hairstyles are part of our tradition and will make you look beautiful on your special day.

5. Makeup for a Maharashtrian Bride

A Maharashtrian bride should go for a simple and natural makeup look. Show off your most attractive qualities, such as your beautiful eyes and lips. A Maharashtrian bride usually prefers a simple and natural makeup look. They enhance their eyes to make them noticeable and maintain soft and gentle lips. This makeup style helps you appear your finest while still honouring Maharashtrian customs.

6. Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Learn about the traditional Maharashtrian wedding rituals and customs. These rituals are very important to your culture and are a big part of your special day. Join in with enthusiasm and listen to the advice of older people to ensure that the ceremonies are truly special. Enjoy and appreciate the blessings and traditions that come with each ritual, like exchanging garlands and making sacred vows.

7. Maharashtrian Cuisine

Food plays a vital role in celebrations, and the rich culinary legacy of Maharashtra should be showcased in your wedding menu with traditional Maharashtrian delicacies. Include famous dishes such as Puran Poli, Misal Pav, Kothimbir Vadi, Bharli Vangi, and Shrikhand in your wedding food options. These tasty foods will make your guests happy and let them try traditional Maharashtrian dishes.

8. Paithani Saree

Now, we can discuss the Paithani saree, which is a unique type of saree worn by brides. It is from Paithan in Aurangabad and is made of beautiful silk. This saree has really bright colours that make the bride look really beautiful. The saree has a pretty design on the part that hangs over the shoulder, which is called the pallu. The edges of the saree are also adorned. The Paithani saree is very important for a Maharashtrian bride to have in order to complete her bridal look. It’s really impressive!

9. Mundavalya in Marathi Weddings

In Marathi weddings, the bride and groom wear a special thing called a “Mundavalya.” It’s like a line of beautiful pearls that goes across their foreheads. Picture it like two strings with pearls, surrounding their faces and hanging on either side. Marathi weddings have a beautiful tradition!

10. Enjoy the Moments

Most importantly, keep in mind that your wedding day is all about celebrating love, tradition, and the start of a wonderful journey with your partner. Be with people you love, smile together, and enjoy the happiness around you. Today is a special day to make happy memories and celebrate your cultural background.


If you’re a Maharashtrian bride, you have a special chance to celebrate your culture and have a wedding that shows who you are. This guide will help you plan a perfect Maharashtrian wedding. It covers everything you need to know about attire, rituals, and cuisine. But, always remember that even though traditions are important, your wedding should really show your love and uniqueness. 

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