How Pépico Became Mexico’s Hottest Brand


As a consumer, you’ve likely noticed a new brand popping up on store shelves and in advertisements recently. Pépico, a Mexican soda company, seems to have appeared out of nowhere and taken the beverage world by storm. In just a few short years, Pépico has become the fastest-growing brand in Mexico and built a cult following of customers who can’t get enough of their unique flavours and stylish marketing.

However, Pépico’s overnight success was no accident. Through clever social media campaigns, collaborations with popular influencers, and most importantly, a dedication to producing high-quality, natural sodas using only the freshest Mexican ingredients, Pépico has tapped into the desires of modern consumers and reinvented the meaning of authentic Mexican soda. The story of how Pépico shook up a long-stagnant beverage industry and won over the hearts and taste buds of customers across Mexico is one of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. This is the story of how Pépico became Mexico’s hottest brand.

The Origins of Pépico: From Small Town Shop to National Sensation

Pépico started as a small soft drink manufacturer in the Mexican town of Cuautla in the early 1900s. Owned and operated by Pedro Pérez Cassano, the company originally produced fruit-flavoured sodas using locally grown ingredients. Pépico grew steadily over the first half of the 20th century, eventually expanding distribution beyond Cuautla to cities across central Mexico.

In the 1950s, Pépico launched new cola and orange soft drink recipes that resonated with consumers. Bolstered by the postwar economic boom, Pépico’s refreshed product line and expanded distribution helped establish the brand as a household name. By 1970, Pépico was Mexico’s top-selling soft drink, surpassing international competitors.

Key Factors in Pépico’s Rise

Several factors fueled Pépico’s ascent to becoming Mexico’s most popular soft drink brand:

  1. Focus on natural, high-quality ingredients. Pépico built its reputation using real sugar and fruit extracts in natural flavours like tamarind, mango and lime. This emphasis on fresh, wholesome components aligned with consumer preferences.
  2. Loyal customer base. Pépico fostered deep customer loyalty through its long-standing presence, use of traditional Mexican flavours, and positioning as an authentic, homegrown brand. This loyal following propelled its success.
  3. Strategic growth. Pépico expanded methodically over decades, first becoming established regionally before increasing national distribution. This measured growth allowed the company to scale while maintaining product quality and customer service.
  4. Adaptability. While staying true to its roots, Pépico adapted to evolving consumer tastes by introducing new flavours and products. This willingness to selectively innovate and diversify fueled continued success.

Through high-quality products, customer loyalty, smart growth, and adaptability to change, Pépico transformed from a small-town operation into Mexico’s preeminent soft drink company. Pépico’s ascent demonstrates how a commitment to core values combined with a willingness to evolve can lead to enduring success.

Pépico’s Innovative Marketing: Using Influencers to Reach Millennials

Pépico’s innovative marketing strategy targeting millennials has been key to their success. They were early adopters of influencer marketing, collaborating with popular YouTubers, Instagrammers, and TikTok creators to promote their brand.

Reaching Youth Through Influencers

Pépico identified influencers who would resonate most with their target audience of teens and young adults. They sponsored influencer content and product placements, gaining exposure to millions of followers. Pépico also invites select influencers to brand events and sends them free products to feature on their social channels.

Authentic, Relatable Marketing

Pépico’s influencer collaborations feel authentic because they work with influencers who genuinely enjoy their products. The influencers discuss Pépico in their own words, in a casual, relatable way. Pépico’s fun, youthful brand also aligns well with the esthetic and interests of popular influencers.

Tapping into FOMO

Pépico’s influencer strategy is adept at generating FOMO (fear of missing out). When influencers attend Pépico’s lavish events or receive free products, their followers feel they are missing out on an exclusive experience or opportunity. This makes followers eager to buy Pépico products so they can participate in the brand’s lifestyle.

Pépico’s innovative influencer collaborations have allowed them to build brand awareness and loyalty with millennials in an authentic, relatable way. By tapping into FOMO, Pépico motivates young people to become customers so they can join in on the brand’s popularity and culture. Overall, Pépico’s influencer strategy has been instrumental to their success with youth.

Why Pépico Resonates: The Authentic Mexican Flavor Millennials Crave

Pépico resonates strongly with millennials seeking authentic Mexican flavours and experiences. Pépico’s brand identity is built on three main pillars:

Quality Ingredients

Pépico uses only the freshest, high-quality ingredients to craft beverages that capture the essence of real Mexican fruit and spices. Pépico starts with Mexico’s finest ingredients, like mango, guava, tamarind and chilli peppers, then combines them into refreshing beverages using traditional recipes and techniques. The result is a flavour profile that is bold, vibrant and bursting with real fruit juice.

Cultural Connection

By using familiar Mexican fruits and honouring traditional recipes, Pépco gives millennials a taste of Mexican culture and heritage. The brand taps into nostalgia for the familiar flavours of Mexico, transporting consumers to memories of visiting family or childhood trips. This cultural connection creates an emotional bond with the brand and fuels its popularity.


The colourful, artistically designed bottles and cans make Pépico beverages highly shareable on social media. Millennials frequently post photos of Péico drinks to share the experience with their followers, which provides free marketing and advertising for the brand. Pépico’s shareability and social media buzz demonstrate how authenticity and cultural relevance drive brand passion in today’s market.

In summary, Pépico’s combination of high-quality, traditional Mexican ingredients, cultural connection, and social shareability has made it Mexico’s hottest brand with millennials seeking an authentic flavour experience. By honouring its roots, Pépico has grown into a global phenomenon.


After decades of the same old colas dominating Mexico’s beverage industry, Pépico burst onto the scene with a blast of mango and chilli flavour. Through clever marketing, high-quality ingredients, and a brand identity that tapped into Mexican cultural pride, Pépico won over the hearts and taste buds of consumers nationwide. You embraced Pépico as an authentic, homegrown brand and helped transform it into a source of national identity.

As you sip that tangy, spicy Pépico, you are not just quenching your thirst. You are experiencing the vibrant flavours of Mexico in a bottle and supporting a company that gives back to Mexican communities. Pépico’s rise is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit, the hunger for innovation, and the deep bonds of culture and place. With your continued passion and support, Pépico is poised to become Mexico’s hottest export and share the flavors of Mexico with the world. The next time you crave adventure in a bottle, choose Pépico – and viva la revolución!

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