Most Important Instagram Metrics

In digital marketing, metrics are —ultimately— the beginning and the end of any action or campaign; in this sense, Instagram metrics are no exception. These are the ones that determine the strategies, help to understand the target audience better, and justify the ROI, among many other functionalities.

Instagram has become one of the preferred social networks for brands seeking to attract new followers and customers. Why this channel and not another? Because this platform has proven to achieve excellent results in companies worldwide. 

Tracking the proper metrics is critical to maximizing your Instagram marketing efforts. However, you may still need to figure out where to start or which elements are most important to your brand.

In this regard, each business must adopt the approach that benefits it the most, knowing the elements it has to track for a practical strategic process that collects the necessary information to achieve the proposed objectives.

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Importance of Instagram Metrics

The first thing to remember is that posting and interacting on a social network requires more than just opening a profile on a social network. On the contrary, it is necessary to carry out excellent management to generate a community to which you can send your messages and correctly measure ROI.

When talking about Instagram statistics, reference is made to the indicators of the profile’s behavior, the activity level, the interaction with other shapes, and the content published on the social network. 

In this regard, Instagram Insights offers users essential data for better management of their strategies: reach, hours, and age, among many others. This information is valuable for establishing short-, medium-, or long-term goals and is within reach by opening a business account on Instagram. 

The importance of metrics lies in the possibility of accessing objective information on how the different variables move to make the right decisions.

Instagram metrics

Do you know how to access this information? Once you have created your business profile and added all the necessary information, you can access Instagram Insights: a free tool from the platform that stores the raw numbers of the application and allows you to see all the data in real time about followers, publications, and stories.

Click on the “information” option in the upper right of your profile’s home screen. When you open the tool, you can see the general data about your account. There you will find the metrics divided into three categories:

  • Shows the actual actions of your account (visits, clicks, reach, and impressions).
  • It does a comparative analysis of the publications in your feed and your stories. 
  • Presents data about the people who follow your page (number, geographic location, age group, gender, and days in which you get more followers).

Instagram Profile Metrics

These metrics give parameters about the overall growth of the account. That is, they allow knowing the number of followers, how the audience is made up, the interaction with the content, and the funds reached. In addition, it is possible to carry out comparative and retrospective analyses.

In this section, you can delve into these different metrics: 

  • Returns the number of unique accounts that have seen any profile posts.
  • In the growth graph, you can analyze the evolution of the following data in your Instagram account: the number of followers and followers, followers gained, the average number of followers gained per day, the average number of followers gained per post, the average number of your posts per day and week.
  • It is the number of actions the account performs, including likes, comments, and clicks. This will help you to know if your profile arouses interest.
  • In this way, of the total number of users exposed to seeing content or a stimulus from your brand, you can know what percentage of them were motivated to act.

IGTV Metrics

If you have created videos on IGTV, in this section, you can see the following information:

  • It is the number of people who viewed the video you uploaded to the IGTV section. After someone spends more than three seconds viewing the images, that post gets a view. The number of views a video receives indicates the total number of people interacting with it, even for a few seconds. 
  • This parameter displays the number of words a video has at any given time; that is, it is the number of users who commented on your publication. Unlike in stories, in this section, the comments are automatically converted into a direct message.
  • This visual represents the portion of a video’s thoughts at any given time. You can use this graph to see the exact point in your video where people stop watching, allowing you to improve the content you share on your IGTV channel.
  • Knowing how many times the video has been saved allows us to understand its impact, to see if it has been of interest to the public, and to have the possibility of optimizing future content.
  • This metric allows you to see the reaction of users to the content: it is the number that represents all the people who clicked “like” on the video. 

Instagram Stories metrics

Now we will dedicate ourselves to the metrics of Instagram stories. To do this, you must access Instagram Insights and click on the “content” tab. Then go to the stories section and click on “see all.” There you will be able to find the metrics of the stories published in the last 14 days.

These metrics allow you to know what arrival your stories have and what interaction occurs in them:

  • It is the number of times a piece of content has been seen in your account. Keep in mind that a user can give you more than one impression.
  • It is the number of unique users who saw your account (a user cannot generate more than one reach). For example, if Rodolfo sees your story 5 times, then Instagram will report 5 impressions and 1 reach.
  • With this indicator, it is possible to identify the speed with which your users pass the stories. Making a slight relationship between the number of reaches and the number of advances is advisable. 

Reel Metrics

This Instagram feature allows you to record videos from 15 to 30 seconds. You can upload or download them with great speed, add text, and put music, sounds, filters, and effects on them. Let’s see the metrics obtained from them:

  • Shows the number of words a reel has at any given time.
  • It is the number of times users clicked “like” on the revolution.
  • Represents the number of people who viewed the process.

Audience Metrics

Lastly, Instagram provides metrics related to your followers. To see them, open Instagram Insights and click on “public.” There you will find the following metrics:

  • It offers information about the audience’s age and divides it into the following ranges: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+.
  • Men and women separate the distribution of the profile followers.
  • How have your followers evolved on Instagram? Are you losing or gaining followers? At a single glance, you can see the development of these metrics. Green bars indicate that you have gained followers that day; the pink bars are the opposite.
  • This information lets you identify the top 5 countries (and their respective cities) where your followers are located.


To know what path your Instagram posts are taking, you must view the statistics that this platform provides you and, about the results, optimize the posts. The metrics we have listed and explained above are the ones Instagram Analytics offers you. The key is to know them and then select your KPIs based on your strategic objectives.

In this way, you will be able to monitor the numbers and obtain accurate information on the performance of your activity on Instagram. Based on this data, you can implement the most convenient strategic actions.

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