A World of Creativity: Art of Zoo

Art of Zoo

As you stroll through the gates of the Art of Zoo exhibit, prepare to be transported into a vibrant world of creativity. Surrounding you are the artistic expressions of over 100 animals from around the globe. In every direction, you will find a diverse array of mediums, colors, textures, and subjects on display. Whether through paint, chalk, clay or other media, these animal artists have complete creative freedom to craft a visual representation of anything they desire. Some pieces reflect familiar objects from their everyday environment, while others tap into more abstract concepts. As you wander the winding paths of this outdoor art gallery, take time to appreciate each individual work of art and the story behind its creator. A visit to the Art of Zoo is a chance to gain a glimpse into the minds of our fellow animal inhabitants and see the world through their eyes.

The Creative Vision Behind Art of Zoo

To understand the creative vision behind Art of Zoo, one must first understand its founder, Amelia Hastings. With degrees in both fine arts and business, Hastings envisioned a company that would fuse her dual passions. Her goal was to create high-quality yet affordable animal-themed artwork and home decor for mainstream consumers.

Hastings hand-selects each piece of original artwork commissioned for the company based on four key criteria:

  1. Unique, whimsical style. Hastings seeks out artists with a fun, quirky style and an ability to capture animals’ personalities and spirits.
  2. High artistic quality. While the style aims for whimsy, the artistic skill and technique must be exceptional. Each piece is a work of fine art.
  3. Wide appeal. The artwork must have a wide appeal to animal lovers of all kinds. Hastings avoids pieces that are too abstract or niche.
  4. Reasonable pricing. Hastings works to keep costs low by commissioning artwork from up-and-coming artists and through high-volume orders. This allows Art of Zoo to offer museum-quality art at affordable prices.

Through her careful curation, Hastings has built a collection of over 2,000 original pieces of art featuring animals of all kinds. Art of Zoo’s menagerie includes everything from playful otters to majestic big cats to whimsical fantasy creatures. There is something for every animal lover and decor style.

With a keen eye for talent, an obsession for quality, and a desire to share her passion with the world, Amelia Hastings has created a company that brings joy to all. Her creative vision and dedication have allowed millions of customers to experience the delight of owning an original work of art.

FAQ: Your Questions about the Art of Zoo Answered

What is the Art of Zoo?

Art of Zoo is an annual art exhibition hosted at the San Diego Zoo featuring artwork inspired by animals and nature. For over 50 years, the San Diego Zoo has collaborated with local artists to showcase a variety of media including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media pieces. All artwork is available for purchase, with a portion of proceeds benefiting wildlife conservation.

How can I attend Art of Zoo?

Art of Zoo is free to attend and open to the public during normal San Diego Zoo operating hours. Simply purchase general admission tickets to the zoo and you can explore the art exhibition at your own pace. Art of Zoo typically runs for 4 to 6 weeks between May and August. Check the San Diego Zoo website for specific dates and hours.

Art of Zoo showcases a diverse array of styles from realism to abstract. You may see whimsical sculptures of giraffes and elephants, vibrant paintings of tropical birds, striking black-and-white wildlife photography, and more. While the subject matter centers around animals, nature and conservation, the artistic interpretations are varied. There is something for art lovers of all kinds.

Can I buy the artwork?

All pieces in the Art of Zoo exhibition are available for purchase from the artists. Prices range from under $50 for some prints and photographs up to $5,000 or more for large-scale or multimedia installations. Most paintings and sculptures fall within the $200 to $2,000 range. If you fall in love with a particular piece, be prepared to buy—the exhibition only lasts a few weeks and once it’s over, the artwork returns to the artists. Some artists do take commissions for similar custom pieces after the show if their work was sold.

How does my purchase support conservation?

A portion of all art sales, typically around 10-25% of the proceeds, is donate directly to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving species worldwide. Your purchase helps fund critical conservation programs at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, as well as field projects around the globe. Buy art and save wildlife—it’s a win-win!

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