Yeezy Slides Overall Review

Introduction of Yeezy Slides:

The Yeezy Slides is Kanye West’s understanding of an imperative measure of any sportsperson’s shoe whirl. Part-Croc, part Yeezy, the Yeezy Slide is extremely required after and the topic of a ton of reader queries. Are they comfortable? How do they fit? All about these here.

Fortunately, our Wear Testers Discord Community member, Josiah Brewster, recently picked up a couple and was annoying and undertook to donate his honest valuation. He is an engineer by profession, then also a sneakerhead at heart. He is a longtime follower of Wear Tester due to their practical investigation of sneakers. He is always enthusiastic to learn more and offer that data to others along the means.

Features of Yeezy Slides:


I carry a 10.5-11 in most running shoes and these (Size 10) fit well lengthwise, but the width is a little thin. I would say go exactly to size for most normal-size feet. Large footers should possibly size up (the Yeezy Slide originates in all sizes only), or “enjoy” the break-in era the croc-like foam needs. If you are in among sizes (like a true to size 10.5), I would perhaps go with 10 except you have got a plumper foot. In that situation, you would go with an eleven.


The midsole is a little dense and brings you off the earth more than most running shoes. The overstated footstep on the bottommost enhances the relaxation (slightly) by permitting more density as you walk.


The unidentified foam used is observably similar to Crocs brand foam. I would say it is faintly thicker than Crocs foam. The mold of the slide is denser all around paralleled to a regular Crocs. The foam has a very minute quantity of an Adidas Bounce mood to it.


Don’t be misled, it’s all appearances. You would perhaps be capable to run over minor pools or wet surfaces some better than with other foam slides because there are fewer surfaces in interaction with water, but let’s be actual, it is foam, not rubber.


I wore a green one-color appearance to counterpart my Yeezy slides, comfortable wide-legged pants to match the ease of the shoe, and a little seasonal top. Finally, I do further some large glasses for a more streetwear appearance. Comfortable is my main style stimulus when I wear my Yeezy slippers. This get-up works just when chilling at the household as it does for a minute walk around the locality.


They have been a little easy to care for, so simply I have hard to clean them. The rubber sorts them very easy to wipe down with any wet cloth piece and also sorts them super waterproof. These permits you to be further carefree when wearing them. 

Overall Review:

If you can acquire the Yeezy Slide for a selling price, I would say they cost a shot. I do not think they are superior sufficient to pay to resell values, unless, you’re attentive to the appearances. If you dear the appearances, then they go for it. They drop some points because of the thinnest fit and the separating appearances.

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