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In India, it is culture to serve delicious recipes to their guest. It does not matter whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night. If guests are coming to your home, you can welcome them with your delicious food. It will increase your value, and rather than it, you will feel happy to serve tasty food. In this post, Spicyum will share different delicious recipes with our readers. Recipes are Punjabi chole bhature, Namkeen chawal recipes, and more. 

Punjabi Chole bhature

One of the famous dishes of Punjab is Punjabi chole bhature. It is a combination of chickpea curry with deep-fried puffy bread. This recipe is a lip-smacking recipe. Here we will see the recipe for chole bhature. 

How to make chole bhature?

Chole bhature includes two different recipes- chole and bhature;

1. Soak the chickpeas and cook them in a pressure cooker.  

2. To make a spicy curry sauce add onion, ginger, tomato puree, green chili, and spices.

3. Boil chickpeas in spicy and tangy curry sauce again. And the chole is done.

Preparation of bhatura

1. In a sizable mixing basin, combine the flour, salt, sugar, oil, baking powder, and semolina. Knead the mixture thoroughly.

2. Count the yogurt and mix again. 

3. Add hot water to make a tight dough.

4. Cover the dough for some time.

5. Prepare 7-8 parts of dough and roll them into an oval shape.

6. Deep-fried bhaturas in hot oil until they puff up and start to become somewhat golden.

7. You can use pickle and onion to serve the bhature with chole. 

Namkeen chawal recipe

Want to cook something quickly? No worry! If you are feeling hungry, there is a recipe that you can cook in a few minutes. And the recipe is namkeen chawal. Let us see how to make namkeen chawal;


1. Add butter in a deep pan and fry cardamom, bay leaves, clove, and peppercorn. 

2. Add and cook garlic and onion for 2 minutes. 

3. Garam masala, chilly powder, and turmeric are necessary to add to make the chawal delicious. 

4. You can add your favorite vegetables, such as beans, paneer, and carrot. In this recipe, we will add green peas and potatoes and cook for 2 minutes.

5. Put the basmati rice in the pan and saute it until get crispy and then add hot water. 

6. As soon as it starts to boil, turn down the heat so it simmers, then put a lid on the pan.

7. Cook for 15-17 minutes on a slow flame until done.

8. Add the minced coriander leaves.

Kadhi pakora

In India, maximum people like kadhi pakora. The ultimate comfort food, it’s hearty, tasty, full of diverse tastes, and it fills the spirit. You don’t need to be an expert to prepare this flavorful Punjabi Kadhi Pakora; just gather the ingredients, cook them, and make the pakoras, and the meal will be ready within one hour. 

Preparation of base

Mix the yogurt and besan in a large bowl. Mix it well to make it lump-free batter. Add turmeric and salt to the mixture. Again whisk until smooth and set aside. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the methi dana, asafoetida, rai, and dried chilies once the oil gets hot. Mix all the spices and maintain heat at medium-low. Stir the yogurt after the seeds start to crackle and become light brown. After that, cook the kadhi to simmer, which hardly takes 30 to 40 minutes at low heat. To prevent it from burning and sticking keep stirring at regular intervals. And add the pakoras in kadhi.

Palak paneer recipe

Palak paneer is one of the most delicious recipes of North Indian dishes. It can add extra flavor to your taste if you try it with roti, naan, parantha, or rice.

Ingredients of palak paneer;

In a rich curry made of spinach, soft paneer cubes are cooked. Cooking this meal is simple, and you can prepare it for dinner. The finest way to eat it is with some matar pulao and cool cucumber raita.

Making of palak paneer

In a pressure cooker boil the spinach and grind it to make a puree. Till golden brown, fry the paneer cubes in a skillet. Now remove paneer cumin from the pan. Add cumin, bay leaf, and splutter. Add ginger, garlic, and onion paste when the cumin, starts to crackle. Cook the mixture until it gets pinking-brown. Stir the mixture after adding salt, coriander powder, garam masala, and red pepper. Stir-fry over medium heat while adding tomato puree right now. Saute the spinach for 2–3 minutes after adding it. Add the paneer cubes and stir the mixture a few times to combine the paneer with the palak gravy fully. Serve hot after properly stirring in some cream.

Final words

In this post, you can see different Indian recipes for your guest. These recipes are easy to cook, you can make them at home. If you want to enjoy more recipes likethe namkeen delicious recipes, you can visit the website of Spicyum. 

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