Meet the Woman behind Comedian Shane Gillis

You might have heard of Shane Gillis, the controversial stand-up comedian. He’s been making headlines recently due to some pretty incendiary comments. But who is the woman behind this comedian? Meet Shayla LaVeaux, the long-time girlfriend of Shane Gillis.

Shayla LaVeaux is a 33-year-old fashion designer and former actress who has been with Shane Gillis since they first met in 2011. Despite her years in the entertainment industry, she actually kept her relationship with Gillis relatively low profile—that is until he was thrust into the spotlight.

Despite the controversy surrounding him and his comments, Shayla has been remarkably supportive of her partner throughout it all. She has defended him publicly on social media and appears to stand by his side every step of the way.

Though their relationship may have started under unusual circumstances, it seems that Shayla’s support for Shane is here to stay.

A Look at His Relationship History

Everyone loves a good love story, and Shane Gillis’s is no exception. He is in a long-term, committed relationship with his girlfriend, Alexandra Labita. Together, they make a truly dynamic duo. Not only do they balance each other out in their work, but they also have great chemistry and are incredibly supportive of each other.

Gillis and Labita met back in 2014 at one of his comedy gigs and hit it off instantly. This is the longest relationship that Gillis has had since he entered the public spotlight, further proving that he has found the one for him in Labita.

The couple currently lives together in New York City and frequently shares photos of their many adventures on social media. From romantic getaways to outdoor hikes, it’s easy to see that these two are madly in love and absolutely inseparable.

Who Is Shannon Gillis?

Shane Gillis’ girlfriend is Shannon Gillis, and she’s been by his side through good times and bad. Shannon has been with Shane for about five years now, and she helps keep him focused and on track.

Together, Shannon and Shane make a great team, supporting each other in their respective careers. While Shane is a professional stand-up comedian, Shannon also makes her living in the entertainment world as a professional horse trainer. She specializes in dressage (a form of riding) training horses to do complex movements that look like ballet dancing. Pretty impressive!

But besides having separate career paths, there’s something else that sets the two apart—their age gap. Shannon is 15 years older than Shane! But age isn’t an issue for them—they just focus on having fun together (they are often seen doing things like going out to eat or attending music festivals) and making sure they have a strong bond. The two are known for being incredibly supportive of each other—which goes to show what really matters in relationships!

How Did They Meet?

You might be wondering how Shane Gillis and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, met. According to reports, they met at the Comedy Cellar in New York City, where they were both working. The two were connected over their mutual passion for comedy and eventually formed a relationship.

It wasn’t an easy start though. While Gillis was a regular at the venue, Herman was the manager, which left room for complications in their relationship. Luckily, the couple stuck together and were able to navigate these challenges and continue their relationship.

In addition to forming a relationship with each other, the couple also established a great friendship with fellow comedian Dave Attell – who also works at Comedy Cellar – and it’s this friendship that first brought them together. Attell has been a great mentor to both of them and is known for helping many up-and-coming comedians make it in the industry.

From their amazing connection with each other and their strong bond with Attell, it’s no wonder why this couple is so successful in their respective careers!

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for the Couple?

Do you ever wonder what a day in the life of Shane Gillis and his girlfriend looks like? You might be surprised to find out that it looks quite normal, actually!

Shane and his girlfriend have a daily routine that includes working out in the morning and not eating a lot of meat. Shane is particularly fond of vegan protein shakes to get his day started right. After their workout, they often go out for coffee and breakfast, which is usually oatmeal or something similarly light.

Shane also enjoys bringing his girlfriend along on some of his shows, so they often travel together on weekends to wherever his stand-up is scheduled. During their travels, they tend to visit local attractions such as parks or historical sites and grab dinner before returning home for the night.

At home during the week, Shane’s girlfriend works during the day while he focuses on writing jokes or editing videos for YouTube. They usually spend the evenings relaxing by watching movies or catching up with family and friends over video chat.

Shane and his girlfriend are living proof that even comedians enjoy a mundane daily routine just like everyone else!

What the Future Holds for Shane and Shannon

So, what lies in the future for Shane and Shannon? They have both been quiet on social media since Shane’s firing, but have been spotted out and about in Philadelphia. It looks like they’ll continue to stand by each other as they navigate life after SNL. According to Shannon, Shane has “learned his lesson” and is turning over a new leaf.

It’s likely that Shannon will continue to be an important part of Shane’s career, especially as he enters a new phase of fame. She seems to be the one person he can trust in this unpredictable world of show business.

Shane has been focusing on his stand-up comedy career following his departure from SNL and has already scheduled two gigs for 2021—one in March at The Knitting Factory in New York City and one at The Creek & The Cave in Queens. Let’s see if Shannon tags along for the ride!

Shane also recently announced plans to launch a podcast with comedian Chris Cotton, so keep a lookout for that!

Ultimately, no matter what happens going forward, it’s clear that Shane has the support of his long-time love Shannon by his side every step of the way.

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