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Julie Andrieu’s Early Life & Career

Have you ever heard of Julie Andrieu? If not, it’s time you become acquainted with the French TV Host and author! She’s been a respected figure in Europe for years, but very few people know about her work in the US.

Julie was born and raised in Paris, France. After completing her studies, she moved to London where she began working as a freelance journalist. She was also hired by French media outlets to report on food and lifestyle topics.

In 2002, Andrieu made history when she became the first woman to host a cooking show on French national television. Her program called ‘Cuisine à la Française’ was such a success that it launched her career as a TV presenter and author. The show ran for an impressive 10-year period and was broadcast throughout Europe and Canada.

She has since written six books detailing French home cooking, been featured in several magazines, hosted multiple cooking shows on international TV channels, and released iOS apps and videos on Youtube.

Julie Andrieu’s TV Career

Julie Andrieu is a talented TV presenter who has hosted a variety of cooking and lifestyle shows. She started at the beginning of the 2000s with the show “Gâteau, Gâteaux” on Paris Première, where she prepared desserts and taught viewers how to make them. Since then, she has moved onto other popular French TV channels such as Culinary Arts, W9 and France 3.

In addition to her cooking show career, Julie has also presented many travel experiences such as “Le Goût des voyages” and “France à table” in which she travels around France exploring local cuisine. In 2018, she released her own travel series on Canal + called “Les Pieds dans le plat”—a show featuring interviews with passionate chefs from across the world!

Her adventurous spirit has also been visible in her radio career—Julie first appeared on Europe 1 for a program called “Le Grand Appétit” before moving onto Radio France for a program called “Goût de France”. Here, she talked about French gastronomy with famous chefs from around the world.

Julie Andrieu’s Book Career

You may not know it, but the multi-talented Julie Andrieu is also an accomplished author. She has published five books since 2013, and she brings her infectious enthusiasm to each of them.

2013: Mon Jardin Gourmand

In her first book, Mon Jardin Gourmand (My Gourmet Garden), Julie explored how you can use the bounty of nature to create delicious recipes. She explained how to grow fruits and vegetables, how to cook with them, how to store them and the health benefits of eating seasonally.

Mon Petit Bocal

Julie went on to publish four more titles after that: Mon Petit Bocal (My Little Jar), which focused on preserving homemade food; Plat Unique (One-Dish Meal); C’est Bon Pour La Santé (It’s Good For Health), a book about healthy eating; and C’est Bon Pour Le Moral (It’s Good For Morale). All of these titles were incredibly successful and were even translated into English!

Whether it’s in front of TV cameras or behind the scenes in her writing studio, Julie continues to impress us with her passion for cooking and sharing recipes with people all around the world.

Awards Won by Julie Andrieu

Julie is an accomplished woman and has won a handful of awards, including:

  • The 2018 Yummy Award for Best TV Host
  • The 2019 Yummy Award for Best Food Writer
  • The 2020 World Food Awards for Best Recipe Book

These awards are all testament to Julie’s dedication to and passion for food. Her recipes have been praised for their combination of innovation and tradition, with a focus on quality ingredients. And her TV shows have been widely acclaimed for their informative yet entertaining content. With every new project and award, Julie continues to show why she’s one of the top names in the culinary world today.

Life Lessons From Julie Andrieu

The life lessons from Julie Andrieu are plentiful.

She’s already walked us through the basics of how to cook, shop, and enjoy a balanced and healthy diet. But there’s so much more to learn from this legendary figure! After all, she’s an accomplished entrepreneur who makes sure her work benefits her local community.

Finding Passion in Life

Julie Andrieu believes that everyone should find something they love and focus on it. She encourages people to choose a profession that will allow them to express their creativity and discover their inner strength. Whether it’s cooking, writing, or teaching—Julie believes in living passionately with purpose.

Living Mindfully

Julie also promotes living with intention—being mindful of your day-to-day actions and making conscious choices that reflect your values. This means being kind and generous towards others, supporting ethical practices, and avoiding superficial things in life that don’t make you happy.

Serving Others

Finally, Julie has shown us the power of helping others by volunteer work or charitable acts. Instead of just focusing on ourselves and our own careers, she reminds us of the importance of contributing to society in any way we can—even if it’s just as simple as buying local products or helping out your neighborhood communities in need.

Julie Andrieu’s Latest Projects

Besides her role as a TV host for programs like “Cuisine à Croquer” and “Chez Bourdin”, Julie Andrieu has been busy with many other projects, too. Here are two of her latest initiatives you might not have heard about.

“Cuisine et Confidences”

This is an original concept that combines the pleasure of cooking along with delightful conversations from famous chefs. And it’s not just about the recipes either—there are fascinating stories to discover, too. Tune in to watch each chef cook their signature dish while they share anecdotes, insights and some of their top secrets along the way!

“Voilà c’est cuit! Voyages gourmands autour du monde”

For this new project, Julie embarks on a globe-trotting culinary journey that takes her around the world. Along with renowned chefs and acclaimed gastronomes, she visits different countries in search of extraordinary recipes and flavors that showcase the diversity of global cuisine. So if you’re looking for inspiration to make something truly remarkable for your next meal, tune in to see what Julie has to offer!

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