Diving Into the World of HighlightsKids

Welcome to the world of HighlightsKids! Whether you’re a new reader or have been enjoying the magazine for years, there’s something for everyone in HighlightsKids. From puzzles and jokes to activities and stories about inspiring kids, HighlightsKids offers something that readers of all ages can love.

When you become a part of HighlightsKids, here’s what you can expect:

  • Short stories and articles with fun facts, science experiments, and more
  • Crafts such as paper airplanes, jewelry-making ideas, and origami creations
  • Puzzles including crosswords, word searches, logic puzzles, jokes, brainteasers, and more
  • Activities such as coloring pages and mazes that help foster creativity
  • Inspiring interviews with young people who are achieving great things in their lives

HighlightsKids is an evergreen source of entertainment—each month packs enough fun to last your whole family until the next issue. Why not dive in today?

Latest Content on HighlightsKids

HighlightsKids offers a wealth of content to explore and enjoy. From puzzles and brain teasers to stories and coloring pages, you can find something for everyone. You’ll also discover articles about science, animals, history, and more!

Looking for ideas for family activities or fun crafts? Look no further than HighlightsKids! Browse their collection of craft ideas, outdoor games and activities, recipes, science projects, and more.

Each month brings new content—so you’ll never run out of things to read or do. Plus, the site is designed with younger kids in mind―so it won’t leave parents feeling overwhelmed or confused.

No matter what your child loves―sports, animals, art―they’ll find something to engage them on HighlightsKids This is the perfect place to indulge their curiosity while having fun!

Features of Highlightskids

Are you ready to dive into the world of HighlightsKids? It’s the perfect place for your kids to play, learn and explore their world.

A Safe Environment for Children

HighlightsKids is one of the safest sites on the web for kids. It only includes content that’s appropriate for children, and also offers parents complete control over their child’s activity. You can easily manage user accounts, block certain types of content and decide what games and activities your child can access — all in an effort to keep them safe while they explore their world.

Fun Learning Activities

HighlightsKids is full of fun learning activities that make learning fun! Through interactive puzzles, creative coloring pages and brainteasing games, your children can learn important skills like problem-solving, counting and even coding. There are also plenty of stories to read with your kids that will help spark their imaginations.

Something for Every Age

HighlightsKids caters for every age group from preschoolers through to tweens. Whether your little one is just starting out or needs a bit more challenge, there’s something on HighlightsKids that fits their age group perfectly — including kid-specific sections designed specifically for them!

Explore the HighlightsKids Store

If you want to take your HighlightsKids experience to the next level, why not explore the HighlightsKids Store? This is a great place to find books, magazines, puzzles, toys, and more that all relate to the stories and adventures your little one can explore on the website.

Wide Selection

The store has a fantastic selection of items from leading brands such as L.O.L Surprise!, LEGO®, Paw Patrol, and Scholastic®, just to name a few. It also features exclusive products you won’t find in any other store. So no matter what your child loves, there’s bound to be something for them here!

Fun Deals

It gets even better – HighlightsKids always has amazing deals and discounts that can help you save big on all sorts of fun purchases. Plus, with a subscription-based model, it’s easy to keep up with the latest releases and stay informed on the best deals available.

Whether it’s educational tools or toys they’ll love, there’s something for everyone at HighlightsKids Store—so why not give it a try today?

Popular Topics on HighlightsKids

HighlightsKids offers a wide range of topics and activities that are perfect for keeping your kids engaged and entertained. From science experiments to art projects, the website has something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular topics you can find on HighlightsKids:


Science is one of the most popular topics on HighlightsKids, which includes all sorts of fun activities focused on exploring different scientific concepts. Your kids can learn about chemical reactions, physical properties, biology, ecology, and more through interactive experiments and videos.

Art & Crafts

Whether your kids want to make a collage or paint a landscape, their creativity can truly soar with the art and crafts available at HighlightsKids. From traditional crafts like hand painting or origami to more modern ideas like jewelry making or digital drawing tools, this section has everything your kid needs to explore their creative side.

Math & Number Activities

Math can be fun too! At HighlightsKids they have various math activities to help teach kids basic skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also have number games that help with counting numbers up to 100 and beyond.

Games & Puzzles

Lastly, there are plenty of games and puzzles available on HighlightsKids so that your kids can have some fun while learning at the same time! Popular games include word searches, crosswords puzzles, memory games and more.

Maximizing Your Time with HighlightsKids

You can maximize your time with HighlightsKids.com. It’s the perfect tool for busy parents who need to multitask but don’t want to sacrifice family bonding time.

When it comes to getting the most out of your day, HighlightsKids is a total game-changer. Here’s how:

Easy access from any device

The HighlightsKids website is available on mobile phones, tablets, computers and other digital devices. This makes it easy for family members to connect and enjoy fun activities, even when life gets busy. And with a password-protected account, parents can monitor exactly what their kids are doing online and enjoy peace of mind.

Variety of content and activities

Highlightsids offers a wide range of content, including brain-building activities, skill-building games, audio stories and videos tailored to kids’ interests and ages. All these activities are designed by experts in child development and come with built-in learning experiences that help your children grow socially and intellectually—without them even realizing it!

Hours of entertainment

There’s always something new at HighlightsKds – something that’ll keep your children engaged for hours (or so you hope!). Whether they’re playing an interactive game or watching an educational video, they’ll be having fun while learning valuable life lessons at the same time.

With HighlightKids, busy parents don’t have to worry about finding high-quality entertainment for their kids—it’s all there in one place!

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