Listen Up! Inside the Lyrics of the Fortnite Battle Pass Song

If you’re a fan of the Fortnite video game, then you’re probably aware of the Battle Pass song. The Battle Pass is an in-game purchase that unlocks rewards such as skins, emotes and other goodies.

These rewards are spread across tiers that you work your way up. As you progress through each tier, you unlock better and better items until you reach the highest point—which is where the Fortnite Battle Pass Song comes in!

The song rewards players for reaching level 100 on the Battle Pass and serves not only as a celebratory tune but also as a reminder to stay determined and keep going. This catchy tune is one that players can’t help but sing along to – breaking down any boundaries between them and the game itself.

Who Wrote and Performed the Battle Pass Song?

You may have heard the Fortnite Battle Pass song and been wondering who wrote it. The song was written by the UK-based pop singer/songwriter Raye and produced by Mura Masa. Raye is an artist that has worked with superstars such as Stormzy, Jax Jones and Stefflon Don.

The song is also performed by Raye, and features an infectious beat that has been described by critics as “uplifting” and “groovy.” Her voice is powerful–yet soothing–and she puts a unique spin on the lyrics with catchy metaphors and similes.

Raye’s simple, yet meaningful words paint a vivid picture of her experiences while playing Fortnite Battle Royale. The underlying message in her lyrics speaks to the feeling of empowerment that comes from playing the game, which likely resonates with many players across the world who love to battle it out in Fortnite!

Breaking Down the Lyrics of the Battle Pass Song

Do you find yourself tapping your foot to the powerful words of the Fortnite Battle Pass song? Listen up, because now you can break down the lyrics and understand exactly why it’s so darn catchy.

Let’s start with the chorus:

“Go through the night, turn it up high / Pick up your shots, blast off to the sky”. This is a rallying cry to summon players together and to encourage them to work together while playing.

The next part of the chorus goes like this: “You got that fire in your soul, don’t let it die / Gotta show ’em how we roll and make ’em hit rewind”. These lines talk about having passion for playing Fortnite, and how our efforts as players will eventually be rewarded with a great end result.

The verse starts off with:“A little bit faster, now get ready to ride / You gonna take them out or will you take a dive”. This is a general reminder for all players to stay alert and don’t back down from any situation.

Finally, the last line of the verse goes like this: “Time ticking every minute but you gotta keep your head in check / Everybody go all-in when we play, yeah yeah” These lines highlight how important it is for players to stay focused while playing (especially when battling against other players), while also emphasizing that victory comes only after everyone puts in their best efforts.

Analyzing Themes in the Battle Pass Song

When you take a deeper look into the lyrics of the battle pass song, you’ll see a few core themes emerge. Here are two main ideas that come up again and again in the song:


The song has an overall positive message, and words like “flying high” and “unlock the sky” come up pretty often. It talks about dreams coming true, and encourages listeners to celebrate their success – no matter how small or big it is. This overall sense of optimism reflects the feeling that Fortnite brings to most players: No matter what level you reach, there is always something new and exciting waiting around the corner.


Fortnite is a social game, and that fact comes through loud and clear in its material. The lyrics talk about standing up together, even if times get tough, and working as a team to achieve victories. This reinforces the idea that no one player can go it alone – it takes teamwork to succeed in Fortnite battles, or any other kind of fight!

What Makes the Fortnite Battle Pass So Popular?

You may be wondering what makes the Fortnite Battle Pass such a popular item? After all, it’s not just another song with catchy lyrics and a beat. The song does have those, but the Battle Pass also has something more to it—an inspirational story.

Inspirational Story

The Fortnite Battle Pass is about an ordinary person trying to make their dreams come true. It talks about how difficult it can be to reach success, and how hard you have to work for it. But on the flip side, there’s also optimism in it—an assurance that hard work pays off in the end.

Catchy Lyrics

The lyrics are easy to catch on to, which helps with its popularity. There are lines like “if you fall then get up and try again”, which really resonates with people who are trying hard but still face difficult times.

These catchy lyrics coupled with an inspirational tale of persisting in spite of challenges makes this Fortnite Battle Pass a real winner. And people can’t get enough—they keep wanting more!

Connecting to Pop Culture through Music

The Fortnite Battle Pass Song is also a great way to connect with pop culture. It makes references to popular video game companies, famous YouTubers, and even memes. It’s more than just a catchy tune—it’s about representing the Fortnite community and what it stands for.

References to Video Games

The song references several popular video games, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty, Halo and many more. Not only that, but it also includes some of the most iconic characters from these games. This helps players connect with the music and feel like they’re part of the larger gaming universe.

Famous YouTubers

The song also features shout-outs to several famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, Ninja, Jacksepticeye and more. This further connects players to the larger gaming world as they can now become familiar with popular gaming personalities.


Lastly, the song makes references to several memes such as Pepe the Frog, Harambe and Grumpy Cat – these are sure to make any listener crack a smile! It just goes to show how far Fortnite is willing to go in order to connect with its players on a deeper level.

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