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The History of Man United vs. Everton

Man united vs. Everton is one of the oldest rivalries in English football. The rivalry dates back to the first meeting between the two teams in 1887, and since then they have been fixtures on the Premier League calendar.

The stats don’t lie: Man United has had the upper hand in recent years. The Red Devils have won 21 matches out of a total 50, while Everton has won 16 times. The average goals per game for Man United are 1.4, and for Everton, it’s 1.1.

In addition to this, Man United has scored more times than Everton – 56 goals compared to 42 from the Toffees – and been unbeaten in their last 8 meetings at Old Trafford, whilst their longest winning streak stands at 5 games from October 1994 to December 1996.

All these records and stats highlight how closely fought this battle is – and why it remains one of the most highly anticipated matches every year!

Head-to-Head Record Comparison

When it comes to predicting the outcome of a Manchester United vs Everton match, one of the first things to look at is the head-to-head record between the two sides. Over time, different stats and records can provide valuable insight into how the teams may perform against each other.

Here’s a look at some of the key stats and records when comparing Manchester United and Everton:

As you can see, Manchester United typically fares better than Everton in head-to-head matches — and this is something to keep in mind when predicting Sunday’s clash between them.

Previous Meeting: Man United vs Everton

The last meeting between Manchester United and Everton had quite a few key stats and records. Here are some of the most notable takeaways from the previous match.

Overall Match Stats

In the last match between Man united vs. Everton, there were 19 shots in total, with eight of them being on target. Man United had a 61% possession rate while Everton held onto 39%. Furthermore, Man United had a total of 365 passes completed while Everton only achieved 252 passes completed.

Records Held by Each Team

On one hand, Man United held the top spot for most successful passes with 301 out of 365, while on the other, Everton held the record for most interceptions with 11. Man United also topped the list with 10 tackles while Everton came close with nine tackles. Finally, Man United edges out Everton yet again with 8 clearances while the latter had 5 clearances.

These stats from the previous match clearly demonstrate how evenly matched these two teams are – this makes for an incredibly exciting matchup every time they face off!

Stats That Matter From The Last Game

Sometimes, stats don’t tell the whole story — but there are a few key stats from the last match between Man United and Everton that you should know.

Shots on Goal

In that match, Man United had 19 shots on goal, while Everton had nine. This shows how attacking the Red Devils were—17 of their shots were in the box. On the other hand, seven of Everton’s shots were in the box, with only two off target and none blocked.


In terms of possession, it didn’t get any closer: Man United had 48% while Everton had 52%. That’s a small difference—but still, something to keep an eye on if we want to predict who’ll come out on top in their next head-to-head.

Shots off Target and Blocked

Besides shots on goal, another important stat is shotted off target and blocked. In this measure, it’s fairly even—Man United had nine off-target and three blocked; five of their off-target shots came from outside the box. But for Everton, they had six off-target and three blocked; all of their off-target shots came from outside the box.

So don’t forget about these stats when you’re analyzing Man United versus Everton—even if there are few details, a few numbers can tell us a lot about who’s playing better when these two teams meet up in 2020!

Who Has the Edge in This Fixture?

So who has the edge when it comes to this fixture? One thing’s for sure—both sides have plenty of history. Manchester United and Everton have faced each other in all competitions a total of 168 times. Out of this, United have won 75, Everton 46 and 47 games ended in a draw.

But most importantly, how have they fared recently?

  1. Manchester United has won 11 out of their last 17 competitive matches against Everton.
  2. The Red Devils have scored 4 or more goals in 6 out of the 17 games.
  3. During that stretch, Everton has only managed to win 8 games, with 5 draws and 4 matches ending in a loss for them.
  4. They’ve scored 2 or more goals in 6 out of these 17 matches too.

Comparing these recent stats, one can say that Man United has an edge over Everton when it comes to this fixture—but the Merseyside outfit can never be written off completely!

What to Expect When They Meet Next

So, what can we expect from Man United and Everton when they meet next? It’s impossible to predict the future, of course, but looking at the stats and records of their past meetings can provide some clues.

To start off, let’s take a look at their last 10 meetings—Everton have won two of those games, while Man United have won eight. This could suggest that Man United are favorites to win in future meetings.

Managerial statistics

Let’s also take a look at their managers: Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has had three wins and one loss against Everton during his tenure as manager of Man United; Carlo Ancelotti has yet to face them since he took over as the manager of Everton in December 2019. This could mean that Ancelotti could be more likely to make some tactical changes that might give his team an edge.

Finally, let’s glance at scoring statistics: since 2016/17, Man United have scored 18 goals against Everton compared with 14 from Everton. This suggests that Man United are likely to score more goals than Everton when they meet again.

Ultimately though, there is no guarantee of what will happen when these two teams meet again—all we can do is speculate based on data. Stay tuned for their next matchup!

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